IC Tubes

Coralpack are a stockist of anti-static IC tubes, supplying a vast range of New and Reprocessed IC tubes. These plastic moulded IC tubes are also known as sticks or antistatic IC shipping tubes.

Coralpack also supplies from stock other electronic component packaging materials including desiccants, humidity indicator cards and anti-static plastic trays for all types of electronic components.

If you require IC tubes for re-packaging semiconductor devices, then we may be able to offer a quick solution. As an IC tube supplier, we do our best to meet all of your requirements from stock. For all your electronic packaging requirements, please contact our sales team for a quotation.

As an IC tubes supplier, we ensure all our tubes are antistatic, and can supply pins, bungs and antistatic tube packing for part filled tubes.

Please note that IC shipping tubes are manufactured by a large range of extruded plastic tube manufacturers, and can therefore have slightly different extrusions for the same package styles.

Below is a list of available tube sizes:

  •  PLCC20
  •  PLCC28
  •  PLCC44
  •  PLCC52
  •  PLCC68
  •  PLCC84
  •  ZIP570
  •  SOIC150
  •  SOIC300
  •  SOIC450
  •  SOJ300
  •  SOJ400
  •  DIP300L
  •  TSSOP-0606
  •  TSSOP220
  •  TO226
  •  OPTO246
  •  DIP300
  •  DIP600
  •  DIP900
  •  TO-220
  •  SOP150
  •  TO251
  •  MSOP
  •  OPTO578
  •  SSOP/EIAJ-220

Full range of bungs and pins available from stock.

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